The main characteristics of Pythia system are summarized as follows:

  • It provides a complete diagnosis of the engine and its subsystems.

  • Applicable on both M/E and DGs without any modification on the engine or the engine flywheel.

  • It requires no TDC mark or encoder which simplifies the installation. TDC and thus crank angle reference is estimated thermodynamically with an accuracy of 0.1 deg of CA. This way it is avoided the use of an additional sensor or encoder with obvious advantages.

  • The software is user friendly requiring no training for its application.

  • System provides the actual cause for a fault for both the engine and its subsystems i.e. fuel injection, T/C, A/C etc.

  • It provides suggestions and actions to improve engine performance.

  • It provides current and optimum (proposed) engine tuning.

  • It has a built in database and allows transfer of measurements 9not only results but raw measured data) for further processing between vessel and main office and if necessary Pythia support team.

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