Pythia diagnosis system offers many advantages. The use of the system on a regular basis (i.e. once or twice per month) provides the actual condition of the engines which results to increased reliability and decreased maintenance cost. Furthermore, it allows the main office and management to have precise knowledge of M/E and DGs condition. The main benefits are summarized as follows:

  • Direct determination of an engine fault avoiding the use trial and error techniques reducing repair time and effort.

  • Reduction of FOC (Fuel Oil Consumption) via optimum tuning.

  • Reduction of spare part cost by performing maintenance work which is actually required.

  • Programming of repair work.

  • Significant reduction of service engineer costs since a number of actions can be performed by vessel technical personnel.

  • Detection of a fault before it becomes critical.

  • Indication for Hull/Propeller fouling.

  • Evaluation of repair work quality by comparison of engine state before and after repair (i.e. dry-dock etc).

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